Hundreds of items are received by Coastal AAA Tendercentre every week including furnishings, hardware, cars, boats, collectibles, art etc.

We encourage our sellers to place realistic reserves on their items and ensure you are not seeing the same things every week by allowing sellers a limited number of sales in which they have to sell their items or take them back home.

As our silent auctions run all weekend you can place your bids in privacy at a time that is most convenient for you. Entry is free and there is no pressure to place a bid. There are thousands of items to peruse in our large premise and you are able to bid on any number of these.

You will be stepping into the bizarre from the moment you arrive and it is a different adventure every week! You will take a trip down memory lane, play ‘what is that’ ‘what does it do’ how did they make that’ guessing games with your partner, play the ‘price is right’ and have bidder’s cramp in your hand by the end of it.

How do I find out my results?


Where an e-mail address is provided we will e-mail results to customers, generally on the Sunday after the close of an auction.


Go to and follow the instructions for getting your results.


Phone the relevant auction house on the Monday following an auction.

In Person:

Ask the helpful staff at your local auction house how your goods went.

We’re not trying to be cool but sadly there are only 68 seats in each cafe and they fill up quickly. If you want in, make a reservation today.